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Hotel Duquesa Suites
is committed to sustainable tourism


We are guided by respect for the environment and local heritage, a desire to do better and a commitment to sustainability

At Hotel Duquesa Suites we are convinced of the importance of contributing to sustainable development by respecting the natural environment and reducing the impact of our environmental footprint through water and energy saving, waste management, the use of low-consumption lighting and environmentally friendly products.

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our activity mainly focuses on the following aspects:

Environmental management systems and energy efficiency

We have an automatically controlled heating and air-conditioning system in all our suites and apartments, as well as energy-saving lights that use LED bulbs.

The bathrooms in the common areas are equipped with light presence sensors and, in addition, our establishment has thermostatic taps in all showers that help save between 15% and 20% of water and between 5% and 20% of energy.

The hotel also has a registered water and fluorinated gas monitoring system, magnetic card readers and A*** class energy efficient appliances in all rooms.

Moreover, we manage our waste responsibly by recycling glass and other materials.

Responsible tourism

We promote responsible tourism practices among our guests and staff with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the environment and making the city of Barcelona a more sustainable destination.

We inform and make our customers aware of how they can make a responsible use of water and energy, e.g. by reusing towels, thus also contributing to reducing the use of polluting chemicals.

We encourage the use of public transport by informing guests about the connections close to the hotel. In addition, the building's central location allows easy access to the city's main points of interest without the need to use any means of transport.

Reusing packaging

Wherever possible, we do not use plastic or disposable packaging. We are committed to a zero plastic, zero waste philosophy and use refillable containers which are much more environmentally friendly.

Sustainable amenities

We offer our customers high-quality, sustainable pampering products from Rituals, a responsible B CorpTM certified company that works to solve social and environmental problems around the world.

Our commitment is to continue advancing in the development of sustainable actions through environmentally friendly initiatives, with a commitment to social wellbeing and care for the cultural heritage in our areas of influence. This commitment is an ongoing journey by which we aspire to improve every day.

Biosphere Certification

We are proud to have been awarded the internationally recognised Biosphere sustainability certification for proving to have carried out the actions aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, to involve employees in a common project and to be positively valued by our customers. This is proof of the efforts made so far and the commitment to a process of continuous improvement to further advance our sustainable actions.

Barcelona + Sostenible

We are also part of Barcelona + Sostenible, a network of more than 1,900 companies and organisations committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability whose goal is to collectively create a city that respects people and the environment.

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